5 Fashion Records You Should Know

The fashion industry is highly competitive with every day growing challenges. It is more than a struggle to make it big in the fashion history yet there are fashion personalities who stood out and made the cut. Meet the people from the fashion industry who are recorded in Guinness World Record and hold a special title.

  1. Richest Fashion Designer
Giorgio Armani
Image Source: harpersbazaar

Known for live broadcasting his haute couture collection on the internet for the first time, Italian designer Giorgio Armani is the wealthiest billionaire among the fashion designers. He’s the 6th richest person in Italy and stands at 196th in world’s billionaires list. The sole owner of the Armani Empire’s net worth is $6.8 billion.

2. Youngest Haute Couture Designer

Yves Saint Laurent
Image Source: seattleartmuseum

Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent known as Yves Saint-Laurent entered the record book as the youngest haute couture designer. He won the fashion sketch contest organized by International Wool Secretariat at the age of 17. He then got enrolled at the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture and started assisting Christian Dior. After 8 years, he established his own brand under his name.

3. Most Wins at the Fashion Awards

Alexander Mcqueen
Image Source: timwalkerphotography

British Designer Alexander McQueen won 11 awards in the fashion field since 1984. He also achieved a Guinness World Record for the title “Most Designer of the Year wins at the Fashion Award”. He won 4 awards for “British Designer of the Year”. He had achieved CFDA Award and also received CBE award for his contributions to the fashion industry.

4. Oldest Professional Model

Daphne Selfe
Image Source: thatsnotmyage

Classic model, Daphne Selfe has been very active in the modeling industry for nearly 7 decades. Recorded as the world’s oldest professional model, Selfe has been featured in popular fashion magazines and worked with top fashion brands. “Modeling since 1949 with no signs of stopping. As long as I am booked, I shall keep turning up!” the model with silver mane has still got it.

5. Most Consecutive Fashion Magazine Front Covers

Girolamo Panzetta
Image Source: dailybestecn

Girolamo Panzetta is an Italian celebrity. He earns this title in the male model category. As of 2015, he has appeared 170 times on the cover of Japanese fashion magazine Leon. Doesn’t it sound like he’s on the cover almost every issue?

By Princika Baniya

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