Brace yourselves, Spring Cleaning is Coming!

Everyone loves spring. We look forward to the flowers and the sun as we say goodbye to a cold, dreary winter. But we’re here to remind you that spring also means spring cleaning! The all too dreaded task of clearing out the old to make way for the new.

We know the feeling, trust us. Cleaning stresses us out too…

Your closet needs this, you need this, just do it. Use our handy guide and let the cleaning begin!

1)Does it fit? – No. That top hasn’t fit for three years and it’s not going to this year. Plus if you’ve been hanging onto it for ages, it’s probably gone out of style. Bye. Next.

2) Have I worn it in the last year? – Be honest. You know you haven’t and you’ve dug it up from the deep trenches of your closet. If it’s going to end up back in the hole you found it in, it’s time for it to go.

3) Would I buy this today? – You know that skirt wouldn’t even be on the racks nowadays. Out of date, out of style, out of your life.

4) How does it make me look? – Try it on, take a photo in it. If that clothing makes you feel anything other than beautiful or comfortable (or both), it has reached the end of its life.

5) Is it broken? – Honey, you can’t be bothered to go fix the zip on those boots and they just cost you a tenner from New Look anyways. On to better things!

Be harsh. Don’t let those pesky clothes get the better of you. Be strong and you’ll get through this. Use these guidelines and you’ll not only pull through, you’ll succeed. When you’re done, a charity shop is a good place to drop off all your unwanted items, but don’t forget that you can always try selling them online first to make a little extra cash.

Don’t  forget to treat yoself to some ice cream and some brand new clothes that you’ll inevitably be cleaning out next year. Now, go!

And for more information check out the article from previous year Creating the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe 

By Prema Chablani

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