Where To Go In Paris This Spring?

Still in the mood for spring, there are so many ways to cherish the blooming season we all have been waiting for! While we are drooling over the latest Spring/ Summer 2017 Campaigns by our favorite fashion brands, don’t forget to enjoy the sun and the fun of hanging around in our beloved city of Paris and nearby small towns!

  1. Museum Night (Nuit des Musées)


For one night in spring each year, Paris’s best museums open their doors for public all night for free. This year, the Museum Night will be held in the 20th of May, be sure to keep an eye on it since there are more than just exhibitions; you will find light shows, workshops, and many other activities to enjoy. Last year, nearly 150 museums welcomed the visitors from all over the city. Not your usual weekend soiree, but it’s a breath of fresh air from hanging out with the same crowd at hip, crowded bars.

You can get the updates here.

   2. Disneyland’s 25th Anniversary


What could be better than spending your day in a theme park on its 25th anniversary? Disneyland Paris is now celebrating the special occasion with additional parades, new rides and illuminated spectacles that are enjoyable from public of all ages. Starting in 26th of March, you can enjoy this event with your loved ones in the midst of spring!

For further information, you can browse through their website here.

   3. Maison & Jardin de Monet at Giverny


Spring is the perfect time to visit Giverny, even though it’s not in Paris, this small town is located just around 45 minutes by train from Gare Saint Lazare. The city is a charm by itself, but seeing the iconic Claude Monet’s house and garden is a must. The flowery garden was an actual inspiration for his painting, The Water Lily Pond in 1899. To get there, a navette bus for 8 Euros (round trip) will be waiting for you from Gare Vernon, where you’ll be getting off from Saint Lazare.

   4. Parc Des Sceaux


Sakura flower in France? Seems unreal but the fact is located not far from South Paris, Parc des Sceaux is well known for enjoying a touch of Japan in Paris. Starting in April, you can enjoy the blooming season of Sakura flowers all over the park. Bring your picnic utilities and inhale the beauty that surrounds this charming park. To get there, hop on the RER B Train to Gare de la Croix de Berny and walk for a bit towards the entrance!

   5. Bike Around the Seine!


For those of you who are fortunate enough to ride a bike (unlike me..), do the classic tourist route along the Seine, Saint Michel, Notre Dame and stop by at Marche aux Fleurs to feel a splash of spring through the colorful flowers sold here. Going to Marches no matter which season you’re in gives you a taste of local life in Paris. It is highly recommended and food wise, you’ll be delighted with some stalls that offer different delicacies from Moroccan, Asian, or Italian dishes.


Written by Florencia Irena

Pictures via Get Your Guide, DLP Today, Giverny.org, Tribulons.fr, Mike’s Travel Guide

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