Top 5 Fashion Items to Pack for a Moroccan Getaway

Currently as I type this article, I am seated in a beautiful Riad in Marrakech. This city is truly stunning, a sensory overload that is for sure. Everywhere you look and turn there are new smells, new sights, new shops, new people but most importantly new fashion. Originally I wanted to capture some of the amazing street style here in Marrakech but after speaking with our local tour guide who told us that taking photos of people is extremely rude and a sign of disrespect I decided to move in a different direction. When packing for Morocco I was incredibly unsure about what I needed and how conservative I needed to be. It is safe to say you should leave your festival crop tops and ripped shorts at home. Below is my top 5 essentials for Morocco, that are stylish, yet conservative. I hope it helps you if you get the chance to travel to this magical city.


This is an absolute must, the longer the better when it comes to Moroccan fashion

ZARA €49.95, Spell €142.50, Miss Crabb €322


This is handy to have in your bag if you are wearing something that exposes your shoulders but also great to add some colour to your outfit

Nordstrom €92, Spell €93.50, ASOS €20


This is perfect for covering up exposed shoulders or to wear buttoned up

ZARA €35, Rails €138, & Other Stories €55


These are on trend and conservative, the perfect mix

Zara €35, LEMLEM €305, Urban Outfitters €45


The nights in Morocco, even in the summer can get incredibly cold so it is important to have something small in your bag ready for this.

Proenza Schouler €720, H&M €19.99, Jac+Jack €280

You can’t go wrong in Morocco with these five pieces tucked in your suitcase. Happy travelling 🙂


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