Spring hair trends

Spring can be the most desirable season. After a long winter, we are ready for a change and our hair is ready too. It’s a new chance to try different styles especially with hair that tends to get damaged by the low temperatures and the cold wind. Now is time to explore the trends that we saw on the runway last year.In this article, you will find alternatives for color, shape, and style that would help you to have a fresh start of the season.

Color: As you might notice the color is going everywhere, from clothes to hair! here you have the top 3 trends that you can consider and give a try.  

Pastels are everywhere right now, brands like L’oreal  have even created products inspired by these color. Social media is full of this trend that is also unisex. You saw it first in Marc jacobs and Vera Wang shows. Blorange could be named the color of the season, some celebrities have done it and are getting bigger this spring. If you dye your hair in winter and you just don’t like it or is to high entrance go for the Balayage, is the sister of the Ombré, instead of having the perfect fade, it keeps some ends a little darker to add dimension to your overall style.

Shape: This season haircuts are really different from each other. Bangs are back, you can see them really edgy and also old style. The side part makes an appearance without leaving the middle apart especially in the straight hair. Curls and afros stay au naturel and are the best option for letting your hair having a rest from winter.


Style: Starting with the now traditional ponytail, the trick for this season is to look effortless. Braids as always are staying until summer time, you can play with the different shapes and volumes to create a more creative look. The half bun is going to be present in a messier way. Different highs are the key, also you can mix some of this styles, try to do a messy bun or a lower ponytail with braids. Creativity is going to make you nail your hair!


Credits: Elle and Fashionisers

By Paula R Sierra

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