Let the denim begin

Spring is finally here! and we cannot wait for warmer temperatures and a new wardrobe. Say goodbye to the heavy coats and hello to lighter fabrics. Denim has always been the star that shines in spring. We are definitely going to see it everywhere and in different kinds of cuts and shapes. Head to toe was one of the trends that the past fashion month revealed, and denim was one of the main characters.



Stella McCartney                                        Dior                                                Calvin Klein 



Denim has always been around and is a really versatile and playful fabric. But having a total denim look can be hard to rock. You have to keep in mind what is the best type of denim for your skin tone and body shape in order to wear it. But it is not that complicated, this fabric is here for everyone. To help you figure out how to pull it off we have these real life examples that can inspire you.








The American girl: This is the most common use of denim, a simple pair of jeans and a matchy jacket to be classic and you can play with the shades of blue for an edgier look.












One piece: As we saw on the runway the jumpers are back, but if you are nor the onesie kind of girl, you can opt for a dress, playing with volumes. It is the key to avoid looking like a blue wall.




















Washed out: Denim can achieve different kinds of fades that can give you a perfect look. Trying layers can bring you contrast and definition.








We want to hear what you think of this trend. Are you a denim lover? Share your thoughts with us!

By Paula R Sierra

Images Via Vogue, Pinterest and Business of Fashion

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