Funny Makeup Tutorials

Do you ever get the urge to youtube binge on your free time? I know I do. I’ll watch movie trailers, delicious looking cooking videos, funny skits from famous YouTubers and also, every once in a while, a few makeup tutorials because why not?

If you’re anything like me, you know nothing about different make up applications and brands. Basically, you just put make up on to the bare minimum.

Below are a few funny makeup tutorials from the last couple of years that are more relatable than your weekly weekend Netflix binge.

Honest Everyday Make up Tutorial (2014)

Let’s start with something small. This girl, Akilah, gives us a regular make up tutorial, but her witty, sarcastic, relatable humour is what makes this video great.

Parody Feminists Make Up Tutorial (2013)

Women Power!! This girl’s video is a parody of some of societies wacky stereotypes about feminists. So don’t take it seriously. In fact, don’t take any of these videos seriously…

Donald Trump Inspired Make Up Tutorial (2016)

On the whole political note, this Harvard graduate student did a YouTube video just before the U.S presidential elections. Instead of directly speaking her mind, she gives you some interesting (and sadly true) facts about our current President in this clever make up parody.

Boyfriend Does Make Up Voice Over (2016)

This is for the men who know nothing about make up and want to be reassured that you’re not a lone… This boyfriend had a bit of liquid courage (of legal age and drinking responsibly!) and tried to explain to the audience how this famous make up YouTuber does her make up everyday.

How to Contour by Bretman Rock (2015) *Vulgar Alert*

Lastly, Bretman Rock is a social media, make up artist phenomenon from the Philippines. Watching his tutorials are pretty funny, but I do warn you that he does say some vulgar things that may or may not offend you. Just a fair warning.

By Ehryl

All videos from YouTube

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