Must-Watch (Fashion) Ted Talks

Ted Talks are a great source of inspiration providing food for thought. Speakers refer to their personal experiences, interesting innovations and any other “ideas worth spreading“. Topics range from business over entertainment to science, hence, there is almost no limit of subjects. However, in this article we want to dwell on talks related to fashion. Here comes our hit list.

1. Cameron Russell: “Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model.“ (2012)

Admitting to have won “a genetic lottery“, Cameron Russell breaks down the glamour of being a model while stimulating the conversation about the body image and the perception of women.

2. Jean Kilbourne: “The dangerous ways ads see women“ (2014)                          

Cultural theorist and writer Jean Kilingbourne critically examines the image of women in advertising. She questions today’s beauty standards, such as a very slim silhouette, white skin, and also compares them to men in ads.

3. Isaac Mizrahi: Fashion and creativity (2008)                                                        

The designer shares his way of finding inspirations, for instance through the study of colour, costumes, and he emphasises the beauty of coincidence. This entertaining and fun talk is a source of inspiration itself.

4. Johanna Blakley: Lessons from fashion’s free culture“ (2010)                        

Blakley talks about intellectual property rules in fashion and the lack of copyright protection in this industry. She examines the impacts on creative processes and compares fashion to other industries such as the film or music sector.

5. Eva Kruse: “Changing the world of fashion“ (2013)                                             

Following the motto “little things matter“, Kruse co-founded the Danish Fashion Institute and is responsible for the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, the world’s biggest forum on sustainable fashion. In this Ted Talk she explains the flipside of the glamorous fashion industry and appeals to big companies as well as the consumer.

6. Clara Vuletich: How to engage with ethical fashion.“ (2016)                                

„Did you know that you have four times the amount of clothes in your wardrobe than your parents did?“ Vuletich wakes up her audience with worrying figures and facts. She takes us on a journey and explains the current transition of the fashion industry.


Videos via Youtube

By Vivien Gilow

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