How to Dress for this Bipolar Weather

Oooh, look out the window! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it’s 25 degrees. Life is perfect. Fast forward an hour later and hello torrential downpour 👋 Thanks, global warming!

We all know what I’m talking about. So take note because this may come in handy. I’m about to give you three tips on how to not let this bipolar weather get the better of you. Welcome to Spring 2017.

  1. Get a Mac: I promise it’ll keep you stylish, it’s not super heavy and most importantly you will stay dry when the sudden rain starts. Try this metallic raincoat on from Topshop . Or maybe the foldable mac from ASOS that you’ll always want to take meowt.

2. Layers! I know you don’t want to take that cardigan but your mother was right. It’s going to get cold and your cardigan does not need to be frumpy. Just check these out. Now the one from H&M is not going to keep you warm, but if you do catch a cold you’ll be justified in saying you took a jacket. And this ASOS one is just too cute and they’ve got it in black and red!

3. Opt for midi-skirts & dresses: I know you shaved your legs for this season. I’m so sorry but you’re going to get cold and also Marylin Monroe all over the place. Enough. Get yourself a midi-skirt, save your dignity and avoid flashing everyone. You also won’t be afraid about freezing the minute the winds change! With this skirt from Zara, you can still be bright and colourful. Or shine like the sun in this New Look dress!


Good luck and Happy spring ♥

Prema Chablani

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