The Shift in Editor’s Role

Editor in chief is the most challenging role in the world of publication. Earning the place on top of the masthead is not that easy. And when it comes to the fashion world, the task is even more difficult, as one needs to catch up with the extremely fast-paced industry. The editor is not only responsible for the pages we flip through; he/she plays a huge role in shaping the fashion world.
The editors in chief of Vogue are among the most famous and successful in this field. While women ruled this fashion Bible for more than a century, men are now taking over the Vogue franchise. Recently, W magazine’s creative and fashion director, Edward Enninful, was confirmed as the new British Vogue editor in chief, replacing the iconic Alexandra Shulman. And the same title for Vogue Arabia, once guided by Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz, will be taken by Manuel Arnaut, former writer for Vogue Portugal and editor of GQ Portugal.

Both new names are ready to take off their Vogue journey with the strong portfolio. The arrival of male editors in chief is a turning point for the publication with a chance to carve out a new direction. There is a high expectation of new and refreshing perspective and the hope of a rise of the print publication attracting the internet-driven audience.

Photo Credits: bussinessoffashion, saintheron, pinterest

By Princika Baniya

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