Balenciaga’s IKEA: The Latest in a Line of Copycats

The internet is inundated with photos and stories of Balenciaga‘s $2,145 blue bag, so I’m sure you’ve seen it.  But I’ll give you a wee refresher anyways. Earlier last week, Balenciaga released a blue bag that closely resembled the 99 cents IKEA bag that we are all too familiar with causing the internet to erupt in confusion and hilarity. And we can’t forget IKEA’s fabulous print ad response to the Balenciaga copy. It all looks a bit like this:


But Balenciaga isn’t the first to create a luxury item inspired by our beloved, cheap commonplace items. For example, we’ve got Moschino, who has turned a bin into a shoulder bag for a whopping 670 euros.

Moschino Bin Shoulder Bag

Oh and remember this popular carrier bag:


In 2007, it featured on Louis Vuitton runway:


Though Balenciaga’s IKEA lookalike may not be new, it’s certainly fun.  I wonder if we’ll see people carrying the IKEA blue bag out claiming it’s Balenciaga. A sight like that will definitely make this oversaturated news storm of flatpack fashion worth it.

If you’ve got any copycat stories with this same theme, let us know! They’re quite fun to look at.

Written by Prema Chablani

Pictures via, Moschino,,


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