Vestiaire Collective’s Most Popular Luxury Bags

Vestitaire Collective, an online platform for pre-owned luxury goods, listed its top seller bags since the platform’s launch in 2009. From over 500,000 products the so-called ‘Global Bag Exchange Index’ was created.

This ranking is interesting for everyone who wants to stay up-to-date. If you’re the type of woman who gets bored by an accessory pretty easily, this list enables you to assess the resale value of it. However, when thinking about investing in a bag, make sure to have a closer look: Even if Gucci’s Dionysus bag only reached place 25, the resale value is estimated at 84 percent of the original price.

Get ready to dream away, because here comes the top ten of the most iconic bags:

  1. Chanel, Timeless



Characteristics/History: With this model the first CC logo was introduced; quilted material

Creation: 1980s





2. Louis Vuitton, Speedy

louis-vuitton-speedy-30-damier-ebene-canvas-handtaschen--N41364_PM2_Front view



Characteristics/History: Audrey Hepburn suggested the brand to create a smaller bag out of the Keepball model and the iconic Speedy was born.

Creation: 1965






3. Hermès, Birkin




Characteristics/History: Named after Jane Birkin who met the brand’s former boss Jean-Louis Dumas on a plane and explained the need for a bigger purse.

Creation: 1984






4. Hermès, Kelly




Characteristics/History: Became famous after Grace Kelly wore it in Life Magazine after her wedding; one handle

Creation: 1930s







5. Chanel, 2.55


Characteristics/History: Inspired by military bags with body straps; the lining is always made of bordeaux coloured leather

Creation: Named after the date of its creation, February 1955






6. Balenciaga, City



Characteristics/History: Studs and leather bands on zippers

Creation: 2000









7. Céline, Luggage



Characteristics/History: The most sold Céline bag at Vestitaire Collective

Creation: 2010








8. Chanel, Boy



Characteristics/History: Hommage to Coco Chanel and named after the love of her life, Boy Chapel

Creation: 2011






9. Louis Vuitton, Neverfull

louis-vuitton-neverfull-mm-monogram-canvas-handtaschen--M40995_PM2_Front view



Characteristics/History: To guarantee their durability, the bags dropped from half a meter holding 3.5 kilos inside.

Creation: 2007








10. Céline, Trapeze



Characteristics/History: A bag that sold out even before it hit stores; wing pockets

Creation: 2008






Part of the “Top 25” list are also Dior’s Lady Dior bag, Fendi’s Baguette, Mansur Gavriel’s Buket Bag or Chloé’s Drew bag. Let us know in the comments which model you think is worth an investment!


Images via Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Portero, Elle, Balenciaga, Rebelle, Vogue

By Vivien Gilow

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