What H&M Group Will Bring This Year

Arket, the Swedish word for “Sheet of Paper”, is the newest venture of the world’s retail leader, H&M Group. Based in Södermalm, Stockholm, this newly anticipated brand offers the timeless, Nordic identity through their designs and has become the talk of the industry since late March. If we can “judge” by looking at the brand identity (which hasn’t much to say at the moment), the brand will not be as trendy and as fashion forward as its previous successors, but merely representing the group’s Scandinavian roots and atmosphere, very different from the young and universal brands like H&M and Monki.


Ulrika Bernhardtz, the appointed creative director stated that menswear, womenswear, children and home wear knick-knacks will be the main specialties of the brand that will open its first shop in Regent Street, London. Arket’s managing director Lars Axelsson also explained the story behind the brand: it was built not only by people that work in fashion industry, but also by team members from different backgrounds like architecture, literature and food industry to make the brand very versatile, long lasting and functional. Thus the Swedish characteristics are embodied through these merging visions.

Arket’s opening in London this late summer, will be followed with an online store launch made available in 18 European countries, and more offline stores opening in Munich, Brussels and Copenhagen. Prices are claimed to be slightly higher than H&M, ranging from €39- €115, which is logical if they aim for higher quality and timeless persona. After all the brand’s objectives are all about timelessness, quality and warmth, as Bernhardtz added.


What’s the most interesting is that some of the offline stores will feature classical Nordic cuisine in their “cafés” where people can rest from their shopping sessions. For me it’s something fresh to look forward to from a group that always offers the most timely and fashionable clothes.


Written by Florencia Owen Irena

Pictures via BoF, H&M Group

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