Top 5 Jewellery Designers For Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe

As the summer season approaches and we loose our winter layers, we begin to add layers in a different way, Jewellery. Below I have included my top 5 jewellery designers that you should add to your spring/summer wardrobe.


Famous for their on trend super fine jewellery style, this British based company creates the perfect piece for every occasion. The jewellery is all incredibly fun and playful, it combines precious stones with either silver or gold vermeil which adds a touch of sophistication. I like how their jewellery is designed to be worn alone but also together, perfect for layering. This mix and match option allows all customers to embrace and create their own unique style.



This brand is designed and hand made in Sydney, Australia and is a combination of modern and classic. The pieces are all created from reclaimed gold and silver. Many of their designs also include ethically sourced precious stones, including my favourite, Sapphire.



For this New Zealand designer, jewellery is just one element of the extensive product portfolio, but for me, it is a favourite. There are pieces to suit all needs, whether you like something flashy, something simple, something chunky or something fine. The price is also a huge asset in this range, as you can purchase a diamond ring for $33,000 or for $79. The options are endless. This collection really suits everyone, I would be surprised if you couldn’t find something you liked here.



Another British based design team, taking the jewellery scene by storm. This company is one of my favourite, particularly because of the amount of personalisation their brand offers, no product is ever the same. Customers either in store or online are able to create their own personalised lockets, whether it is on a ring, a necklace or a bracelet, there are so many things to choose. Bear in mind, the more you add the higher the price goes so be careful and don’t go too crazy on the charms.



This brand is all about exclusivity, they create limited edition jewellery collections, which are released in no particular order or time line. Their main focus is on costume jewellery, providing fashionable on trend items at affordable prices. Even though they are classed as costume jewellery, they do not skimp on quality. The jewellery contains Swarovski stones and stirling silver is used for the base.


Happy shopping 🙂


Written by Isabelle Schoo x

Pictures via Missoma, Sarah and Sebastian, Karen Walker, Loquet London, and Adornmonde

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