Work It Out on The Street

Does your wardrobe contain any gym gears you’ve never worn? Have you been imagining you would wear them to work out while this actually never happened? If that is the case, I have some good news for you!  These pieces can now easily be recycled, as they are no longer only reserved for the gym.
You may have noticed that recently, sporty look is dominating the fashion runways, magazines and the blogs. Today, wearing yoga pants, joggers or any of your sporty pieces and transforming them into a fashion statement is the new trend. Celebrities, models and bloggers are sporting this athleisure trend on the streets showing off their healthy and active lifestyle.
Lately, fashion designers and brands have been collaborating with sports brands like never before. Luxury brand Louis Vuitton or ready-to-wear brand, Vetements, have both joined the activewear club by creating the capsule collections collaborating with Supreme and Champion respectively. And sportswear brands like Puma and Adidas are more focusing on the fashion world by collaborating with the celebrities and designers. Looking at this rising trend it’s hard to tell whether fashion world is taking over the sports world or vice versa.

Vetements x Champion
Goscha Rubchinskiy featured Kappa, Filla and Sergio Tacchini

Sporty styling is indeed easy and saves your wallet. Below are some double duty clothes inspirations for you:

By Princika Baniya

Photos Credit: completefashion

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