The history behind overalls

Higher temperatures are ahead and one piece that is a must for some people is the overall. Nowadays you can find them in different colours and cuts and different price ranges too. But what’s the story behind them?

Time evolution

1. Overalls were created in the 1700’s in America and are often referred to as slops. They were reserved for the working men and were considered a symbol of lower classes.

2. In the 1850’s they became a single piece and were worn over trousers. Their colours slowly become standardized with white being for painters, pin striped for railroad workers, and finally the blue shades for the rest of the working class.


3. The 1940’s represent the next step for this piece, as American farmers started to wear them in the denim. Painters and carpenters wore them in white denim. And these working pants were also adopted by women.

4. The 1960’s was the revolution of overalls, as they became a part of the everyday wardrobe. Americans started to wear them in different, shades of denim, fabrics and different cuts and not only to work.

5. The 1980’s and 1990’s started to consider the overalls as fashion. Some celebrities pull them off even on red carpets.

6. Today we can find them everywhere especially during the spring. Available in different kinds of materials and cuts.

By Paula R Sierra

Image Source

Who What Wear 


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