Top 5 Breakfast Spots in Paris

We are all lovers of food when it comes to satisfying our tastebuds. Be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner or just to relish our sudden cravings at any point of the day- one common thing that unites us all and over the world is our love for good food. Lucky enough to those who live in the French capital, Paris, where there is a mix of sophisticated as well as fast food genres one has thousands of options to choose from. As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so here is the list of top 5 restaurants in Paris, where breakfast is of utmost importance:

1.) Holybelly – 19 Rue Lucien Sampaix , 75010, Paris – This little gem is located in the hip area of the Canal Saint Martin and attracts a large group of people where it often leads to long queues. Their black rice porridge with coconut milk, pancakes with maple syrup are some of their signature dishes.


2.) Eggs & Co – 11 Rue Bernard Palissy, 75006, Paris – If you’re an egg lover you should definitely visit this place because here it’s all about eggs. From basics like scrambled eggs or boiled eggs, to omelettes or more sophisticated egg meals, they have it all.


3.) Cafe de Flore – 172, Boulevard Saint Germain, 75006, Paris-  If you appreciate classic places then what better than this iconic restaurant in the heart of Paris. From great salads to coffee and hot chocolate you’ll get it all.


4.) Onopoké – 167 Rue Saint Jacques, 75005, Paris – If your taste is something different, then this Hawaiian restaurant in the Latin Quarter of Paris is your destination. They serve the best poke bowls in Paris which are filled with nutrients and are a healthy alternative to usual breakfast menus.


5.) Season Paris – 1 Rue Charles Francois Dupuis , 75003, Paris – After having a successful stunt in New York City, the branch opened in Paris as well serving gluten free food at reasonable prices. Specialities include avocado toasts and quinoa salads.


So what are you waiting for, pay a visit to any of these places for a scrumptious breakfast!

By Deblina Das.

Pictures & References – Never Not Going, Frankly Speaking, La Seinographe, Holybelly


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