The Latest Interior Design Trends From The Milan Furniture Fair

Our house is the material representation of our personality. People can get a clear view of your mood and taste when they walk into your home. It doesn’t matter the size or the place, there’s always something to improve where you live. According to the recent version of Milan Furniture Fair, these are some of the trends we are about to see in furniture shops all around the world.

  1. Oversized sofas as the main piece of living rooms 

The oversized trend has always come and gone in the fashion business and now is about to start again. The sofa as the central piece of living rooms is a trend that the fair exposed and that is going to stay for a while. But it is not only the size, it’s also the different textures and colours that are going to be the focus of the room.


Pedro Fanco, A Lot Of
Josephine, Gordon Guillaumier for Moroso


2. Lighting in all kinds of shapes

The lights are always a point of focus in a room. They make your space look better and cozier. In Milan, designers tried to be creative with the shapes developing different kinds of lights for everyone. Making the light look as natural and subtle as possible is the new trend.


3. Monochromatic rooms

Monochromatic was another trend that the main designers used, matching the walls with the floor or using the same shades of one color in one space. The key to making everything match is picking a colour that goes with the space: if the room is too little light tones are going to help. Also you can play with light spots to make it brighter.




4. Millennial Pink 

The biggest trend during the fair was the common use of light pink, millennial pink as the journalist called it. Le Refuge by Marc Ange was the most instagrammed installation which consisted of a pink canopy and leaf-shaped panels. But besides that piece, the fair was filled with baby pink in all kinds of materials, textures, and objects. Pink was definitely the colour of 2017.



By Paula R Sierra

Photos Credit: Pinterest and

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