5 Independent Online Stores to Shop In!

Fancy shopping online? I can imagine the feeling of adding that “always in my wishlist” dress into your shopping cart. Shopping online can train you to know your body features and measurements (or your wallet content). It’s a great alternative from going to the stores, queueing in front of the fitting rooms, and patiently lining up to pay.

Now,  it’s time for us to check out some of these independent stores offering stylish ready-to-wear pieces! With advanced e-commerce technology and great shipping services, you can get your dream wardrobe from all over the world!

  1. The Frankie Shop
The Frankie Shop

Setting mid-tier standards with luxury in mind, The Frankie Shop offers more than just clothes for your daily activities. Debuted in New York, the brand is now affiliated with the RLB store in Paris. Frankie Shop’s style is described as minimalist with a twist for every occasion. They aim to offer something timeless without robbing the customers’ bank accounts. Another cool feature? You can find many international designers as well here.

      2. Matériel Tbilisi


suratis satauri 150
Matériel Tbilisi by Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili

Remember our post about emerging fashion capitals? Tblisi has Matériel, a local pride of the country’s creatives. As an extension of the offline store, the online section has various brand options with different positioning. This multi-brand e-commerce ships worldwide and will cater your fashion needs in just a few clicks! Many of the designers participated in prestigious fashion events, such as Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi.

    3. House of Sunny


Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.17.56
House of Sunny


A fashion house based in London, House of Sunny is made for women who like practicality and simplicity. Accommodating the needs of affordable clothing that defies trends and time, the brand now has 50 stockists around the world. Pretty impressive for an independent brand! Now it focuses on communicating with the customers through their social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter).



NIKICIO White Label X Sixteen Denim Scale


Nikicio is an Indonesian local pride made by Nina Nikicio, way back in 2007. An ode to modern lifestyle, the brand shares its passion for women empowerment and local roots. Portraying the image of a bold, independent lady has always been NIKICIO’s forte. The brand has now expanded into two markets, White Label and Black Label. Each of these carries special market segmentation targeted for customers of the different age range.

5. Loéil




Loéil shows that you can be expressive without being too flashy. This notion is shown through their muted and earthy color palette, abstract silhouette and reasonable pricing. The Los Angeles-based brand is getting more and more innovative in designing their collection since 2015. Another reason to love Loéil? Their initiatives in creating sustainable relationship with suppliers and workers!

The rise of the online shopping competition forces offering customers endless options in buying clothes. This forces new brands to be creative and unique, and I think these 5 brands have succeeded.

What’s your favorite online brand? Let us know!


Written by Florencia Owen Irena

Pictures via House of Sunny, The Frankie Shop, NIKICIO, Loéil, Matériel Tbilisi

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