A Shoutout to the Beauty Kings

Everyone wants to do something different in the ever changing fashion and beauty industry. In the process, some are falling victim in fashion and the beauty world while others are standing out from the crowd. Those who love makeup are having a strong social media presence for a while now. Some men are doing better than most of the ladies in the makeup world. Their on-point makeup tutorials and beauty advice have their followers begging for more.

So ladies, here are the top 5 famous male beauty vloggers you should follow right now.

james charles

Who: James Charles Dickinson popular as James Charles, 17

Why: The youngest guy on the list is well known for his makeup contents. The first CoverGirl male ambassador is famous for glam makeup tutorials. He has 1M YouTube subscribers and 1.9M Instagram followers. His video featuring Joey Graceffa is still increasing the number of his fans.

patrick starr

Who: Patrick Simondac known online as Patrick Starr, 27

Why: If you are looking for beauty hauls and makeup transformations, don’t miss his YouTube channel which has 2.2M subscribers. He is a professional makeup artist who has some amazing celebrity-inspired makeup tutorials. 3.2M people are following him on Instagram.

jeffree star

Who: Jeffree Star, 31

Why: Maybe you wouldn’t think of a singer/songwriter, fashion designer and DJ turning to a beauty vlogger, but Jeffree Star has earned a whopping number of 4.3M YouTube subscribers and 4.7M Instagram followers. Famous for his quirky style and makeup, his diverse knowledge can be seen in his label.


Who: Manny Gutierrez known as Manny Mua, 26

Why: Check his channel for the product reviews, makeup tutorials and fun collaborations with fellow vloggers. He has also launched beauty products in collaboration with his best friend, Jeffree Star. He has 2.9 YouTube subscribers and 3.7M Instagram followers.


bretman rock

Who: Bretman Rock, 18

Why: He started his vlogging journey with funny videos. The king of Instagram‘s beauty-blogging has more than 8M followers. His account features short humorous videos and makeup contents.  The number of his subscribers reaches 1.4M on YouTube.


By Princika Baniya

Photos Credit: pinterest



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