Catch Up With Us

Hi friendly readers

Thought it was about time for a little update on what is happening in our lives and at the wonderful fashion world that is IFA Paris. As some of you may already know, we are the Global Fashion Media girls. We have all moved to Paris with very different hopes and dreams but one common goal unites us, our love for fashion and the industry.

The course we have chosen is a creative masters, meaning that most of the courses are incredibly hands on. It is about the act of creating and experiencing the fashion industry in real life, rather than through a text book. Don’t get me wrong the course does have an academic component where we learn all our historical underpinnings and theory but it is perfectly paired with these real world experiences.

This semester we have six modules one of which is to create a magazine asa team. We are about three weeks in and loving the challenge. We get to create the magazine from start to finish and each have roles, for example I am apart of the production team who focuses on the budgets and media kit. Don’t get us wrong, its not smiles all the time, when decisions need to be made it can be hard as we all come from different backgrounds and have different opinions but that is half the fun. We are learning to work together as a team to hopefully develop something amazing. Watch this space, the magazine will be released in the summer period, along with some on the articles on this blog space.

We also have classes that focus around fashion film creation, styling, visual merchandising, intellectual property and of course the blog class. As you can see we are incredibly busy but we love the constant challenges that are thrown our way. To anyone thinking about taking on this course, all I can say it, be prepared to get your creative thinking cap on.

We are also working on another very exciting project for one of the biggest fashion companies in Paris. We are developing a series of communication strategies which will be pitching to this company in a month so stay tuned to see if our ideas are given the opportunity to come to life.

Outside of school, we have collectively been enjoying the warmer weather of the beautiful spring season. We have been slowly making our way through all the parks in Paris, which is taking ages, there are so many. One of our favourites is the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, which is an easy close walk from school. If you want to learn more about our personal lives here in Paris, follow there two articles (Link 1 & Link 2)

We hope you enjoy reading our posts and manage to learn something new. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on the blog or Instagram if you have any more questions about our course, what we do and our Parisian lives

Isabelle x

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