When The Shoe Fits The Scene!

We’ve talked about fashion in films before, but now we’re going to show you how films can inspire us to wear something out of the ordinary in fashion! Immerse yourself in one of those surreal film scene moments and wear the shoes to go with it!

1. Wear the Rainbow
Walk towards the end of rainbow with the perfect shoes and find treasure. Gucci’s sneakers go perfectly with Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain (La montaña sagrada) rainbow room scene.


2. Go and wear green
Take it from Věra Chytilová’s Daisies (Sedmikrásky) bedroom scene, to your feet and walk over a leaf. Make this summer extra green with these Miu Miu’s sandals.


3. Poppy Dreams
Even though Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)  had the coolest red shoes, she probably still dreamt of these Amara Platform Sandals. They are your go-to shoes for the upcoming summer. Wear them with denim and your white button-down shirt, you won’t go wrong.


4. Get in the mood
Mood Indigo’s (L’écume des jours) date scene from Michel Gondry’s film shows us how to have a good time. Less is not more! Yes, go out with your little black dress, but make a statement with some multicolored shoes like these Alexandre Birman and have fun with your clothes.



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By Daniela Sánchez

All images via the linked web addresses

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