Cannes Film Festival: Best Fashion Direction

Movie buffs, unite! It’s that time of the year where the most prominent film festival in France takes place. Cannes Film Festival annually selects the best talents in the industry, and this year it’s no different. This event has been boosting independent filmmakers’ names internationally since 1946! Sadly most people only care about who wears what on the red carpet (if you are one of them, you can check this article). Though the films featured are not as glossy as your red carpet expectations, these selections are at least, a thirst quencher for fashionistas out there.

  1. The Beguiled


Oh, Sofia Coppola has done it again with her typical romantic yet satirical atmosphere. The Beguiled is a portrait of the psychological battle of women during the Civil War period (1861-1865). While there are lace, frills and sweet details tucked into the beautiful wardrobe and visual setting, nobody will expect a sinister plot in the storyline. We will be anticipating this sweet (and twisted!) surprise, adapted from Thomas P. Cullinan’s book, A Painted Devil. 

     2. Barbara


Furry muted-color coats, big sunglasses, and flared trousers are just some of the pleasing elements that were infused to the making of Barbara, a biopic made by Mathieu Amalric. Taking the story of French singer Monique Andrée Serf (Barbara, as she’s known), Amalric pulled off the tribute with solid art direction and musical scoring. Humorous and melancholic at the same time. Cannot wait to see this!

   3. Nos Anées Folles


A unique way of story-telling, Nos Anées Folles is a tale of Paul Grappe, who hides his identity as a man after battling at war. Helped by his wife, Louise, he’s granted an amnesty with one condition: being a man again. André Téchiné’s quirky vision is shown through the costume selection; colors and details all over the place.

Pictures via Rolling Stone, IndieWire, and Youtube

Videos via ARP Selection, Otroscines, and Focus Features

Written by Florencia Owen Irena

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