Party and discover Lyon, France



This weekend the French city of Lyon was full of young electro lovers with sparkling glitter all over their faces as they walked towards the entrance of the 15th edition of the Nuits Sonores international festival. Forefront of electronic and independent music, the Nuits Sonores reinvent themselves each year. The location of this past Nuits Sonores, wasn’t a coincidence. For the first time the organizers decided to have the concerts at what I thought was a huge warehouse. I found out later that it was actually the skeleton of an old Fagor-Brandt fabric (washing machines) giving the venue a rustic and iron vibe, perfect for the DJs that would perform. The lineup of course, matched the great planning and organization – you can see the festival has been around for 15 years – electro music’s top artists including Chemical Brothers, The Black Madonna, Nina Kraviz and Jon Hopkins were some of the headliners.

The actual Nuits Sonores was the main event over the weekend in Lyon, but many followers party in the day as well. All over the city there are events staged where attendees or non-attendees can get a pre-taste of what’s to come late in the night. If you’re looking to visit a new city in France and maybe catch a night of culture and indie-electro music Les Nuits Sonores is the place to go.

By Daniela Sánchez

Pictures taken from Durevie Paris

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