Getaway like Coco Chanel

The sun is starting to shine in Paris which means the temperature is rising but as we know there aren’t many places where you can cool down unless you go stand by the freezer in your closest Monoprix – not the most practical solution. Coming from New Zealand I am used to be able to get to the beach within 20 minutes no matter where I am. Therefore the second the weather warmed up here I went searching for the closest beach to travel to. The chic town of Deauville came up as the first recommendation so I packed a bag and headed off for the day.

This town really gained its status and recognition from Coco Chanel, she used to holiday here all the time. She was so in love with the town that she opened her very first shop here which featured her famous wide brimmed hats. Sadly you can no longer visit the original Chanel but there is plenty of other great shops to explore. The beautiful beach paired with these luxury stores is what gives Deauville its prestigious status. It is like the St Tropez of the west coast.

The city is a small 2-hour train trip away and is air conditioned so no complaints on my behalf here. I would recommend getting one of the first trains so you are there early to have breakfast in the sun. We arrived at 11 and by this time every single outdoor chair in Deauville was occupied. However, there is also a local food market on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday morning so this is a great solution if you want food to take with you.

If you aren’t a beach bunny, maybe the shopping is more your scene. We wandered through the shops for a small amount of time and constantly felt like we were in Disney Land. The Hermes looked like the house of sleeping beauty, so picturesque. It is a truly magical shopping experience. I could just imagine what this would of been like is Coco Chanel’s era, almost felt as though you might turn a corner and there she would be.

Before you leave, don’t forget to have a refreshing Aperol Spritz at one of the beachside bars. Great music, great atmosphere and food – if you like seafood.

If you want to experience a real Normandy experience, head to Augusto-Chez Laurent. It is famous for its lobster dishes and offers a lunch menu for 18.50 euros or dinner for between 40-60 euros.

This is a must visit location if you are in or near Paris and craving a bit of the seaside.

Enjoy 🙂


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