Review: Ground Control’s outdoor terrace

There’s nothing better than sun, good music, and relaxing in a beach chair. All those aspects come together at ‘Ground Control’ terrace in Paris’ 12th arrondissement near Gare de Lyon. The ephemeral outdoor space has a lot to offer and especially attracts a younger clientele.




On 1500 m² the former train warehouse provides many seating areas. Food and drinks can be bought and consumed in old trains which were transformed to restaurants. The generous integration of greenery, a bit of sand and the deckchairs give the space its own charm. In addition, you can find a little market, take part in gardening workshops, and a DJ makes sure you’re in a good mood.


Some of us went to Ground Control on the last day of the opening weekend, which took place from the 18th to 21st of May. That day the space was super busy as the sun was beating down. Especially on hot days you should expect long queues and waiting time to get your refreshment.

All in one, we love the concept of Ground Control and we will definitely come back during the summer!

Opening hours:

Tuesday-Saturday: 11am to midnight;

Sunday: 11 to 10:30pm;

Will remain open until the end of September.


81 Rue du Charolais

75012 Paris


Extra tip: If you want to see more of Paris’ green side, connect your visit to a walk on the nearby Promenade Plantée, which resembles a lot New York’s High Line.

Text and images by Vivien Gilow

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