What to Save Space for in Your Suitcase: Japan Edition

Summer is upon us. The time of sun, fun and travels! I’ve just come back from a quick trip to Japan and wanted to buy every souvenir from every little wooden shop. Alas, I hadn’t the suitcase space. If you’re heading to Japan this summer, here is what to save space for in your suitcase.

Kokeshi Dolls

Perfect for decorating. Get yourself a kimono-clad Kokeshi doll as a memory of your trip to Japan. These little wooden dolls won’t take up too much suitcase space and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They can even double up as a useful storage item. Some of these are built with little holes in their head so that they can be used as toothpick holders.


Yukata (Summer Kimono)

Unlike a winter kimono, a yukata is built for summer. It’s usually found in cotton and is unlined making it the perfect robe to lounge about in on those hot, sticky summer days. Pick one up while you’re in Japan and make a unique fashion statement in your breezy, new garment.


Sake Set

If you’re into grabbing a glass of wine every now and then, a sake set might be a fun souvenir to have. Sake is a Japanese rice wine and can be had hot or cold from little cups resembling shot glasses. Sake sets are usually quite delicate with gorgeous designs, so they also work as beautiful pieces for your home.




If you’re travelling somewhere closer this summer, check out our guide on how to pack for a Moroccan getaway here.

Happy travels xx

Prema Chablani

Pictures from: japantrends.com, kokeshishop.com, kickstarter.com, domodaruma.com

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