Finding Fashion in Album Covers

One of my favourite things when going record shopping is looking at all the quirky and sometimes very fashionable album covers. You can get great styling inspiration from them and can also understand our clothing habits and mannerisms, as artists tend to influence us in more ways than just the music they make. I’ve taken a moment to introduce to you a few memorable covers that have transcended into the fashion industry.

1) The Ramones, Ramones
Beyond a classic by now, nothing says rock’n’roll like a leather jacket. And no one wore it better than the Ramones. They were the ones who showed us how to pull it off.

2) Grace Jones, Island Life
The contrast between the red, the blue and Ms Jone’s dark skin is absolute perfection. Her oily glow sends off sporty vibes and teaches us how to pose in front of a camera. Many have recreated this particular cover and many have failed while attempting this elegant pose. It’s said to be impossible! Apparently, Ms Jones wasn’t able to do it in real life either and it had to be done in post-production. Think you can do it?😉


3) PJ Harvey, To Bring You My Love
This album cover was taken by fashion photographer Valerie Phillips on the set of PJ Harvey’s video, “Down by the Water”. It depicts a beautiful, powerful woman in control while at the same time, being as feminine as she can by wearing a bright lipstick and a matching red dress.

4) The Kinks, Kinks
Why pose in black and white when you can do it in black and red? They really got it right! Inspiring future bands like The Hives, The Kinks showed the world how to rock with a classic, gentlemanly style.

5) Madonna, True Blue
The perfect dark brow, the wet-hair look and the dark red lips. This image defined an era and continues to be reproduced today. Miley Cyrus did the blond short hair look and now Katty Perry is jumping on the bandwagon, but Madonna did it first.



By Daniela Sanchez

All original pictures provided from Google Images.

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