3 Tricks to Survive the Summer

Summer is finally here. Though we all love to have our fun in the sun, that requires some precaution. Remember that our skin was protected all winter by sleeves and coats, and now it needs extra protection against the sun. You always need to take care of your skin. Here you’ll find three tricks to survive the summer and to ensure you take care of you and your body.

1. Let your skin breathe: The fabrics that you wear determine whether you will survive the high temperatures. Even in summer, the struggle for choosing the right outfit is real! These are some of the fabrics that will help you to chill out this summer.

Cotton is ideal for all climates. It allows air to circulate and move freely through the fabric. You can easily find it everywhere!

Rayon is a man-made fibre and it is best for dry heat. Since it’s still not a natural fibre, it won’t wick moisture away.

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics in the world. People have been wearing it for centuries, because of its breathable qualities. It is a natural fibre with a light weave which allows the maximum breathability – the coolest of the cool!



2. Skin and hair protection: This is the boring part. Just a friendly reminder of the importance of taking care of your skin and hair. The sun is here and we need the protection even though we want to have that amazing tan. Remember – sunblock, lips and hair protection will go a long way.

 *All these products are available in pharmacies, Monop’Beauty and Carrefour
3. Deodorant, creams, and hydration: It’s so hot. We need to take extra care when sweating to ensure we don’t end up with dry skin. Deodorant seems obvious but is a reminder. You can easily carry one travel size in your purse. Remember that we are in the dry season and our skin needs extra hydration so be sure to carry a hand and body cream and apply it after the sunblock. Keep drinking water! It is the best and healthiest way of taking care of your entire body.
*Tip: you can also carry a mineral water spray to keep your skin hydrated all day long.
By Paula R Sierra
Photos: Pinterest

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