4 Step Guide to Surviving a Photo Shoot


Being a creative in the fashion industry isn’t always easy. Sometimes you want to scream. A photo shoot is a prime example of a fashion creative’s hell, especially when things do not go according to plan.

Thankfully, I am here to tell you how to survive one… because I’ve personally gone through photo shoot hell and back. Somehow, I managed to come out alive with minimal heart palpitations.

Step 1. Find like-minded people to work with

Step 1 is very important. If you’re going to be working in the creative industry, you need to surround yourself with other creative people who will fuel your fire and make your concept or idea even better. You know that great saying two heads are better than one? Well, they got it right. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out this way, but if you can avoid the situation of working with people who don’t contribute and help you grow as a creative or a person… then avoid it.

Step 2. Schedule properly

TIME!! SCHEDULING!! PLANNING!! I was recently put in a situation where I had to plan and execute an entire photo shoot in 24 hours. We didn’t have a concept so we were throwing clothes together like we were five-year-olds playing dress up. Also, we didn’t even find our model until two hours before the shoot. How I didn’t have a heart attack is beyond me. My point is, if you want to do a photo shoot well, you need to plan accordingly. Give yourself at least three weeks to organise what you need to do. Always have backups – especially because fashion professionals can be flakey and bail on you last minute.

Step 3. Productivity 

Don’t just stand there, move! Creating a successful photo is a team effort.  There is always something to do during a shoot whether it’s fixing makeup, fixing the clothes, directing your model, making sure the lighting is good, making sure the photos come out well… I could go on and on. Encourage your teammates to be proactive and find something to do.


Step 4. Keep your cool

There will be times when things just really don’t go your way and you just want to hide in a corner. Keep calm. Remember to take a moment, breath deeply and calm yourself. In the end, you’ll come out a wiser, stronger person and your colleagues will appreciate your ability to stay calm under pressure.

If you can remember to follow these four steps, it’s guaranteed your photo shoot will be a success! Sadly we can’t show you any photos just now as our magazine is yet to go to the publishers, but you bet we will share our hard work with you soon! If you want to know more about why we were shooting check it out here.

– E.



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