Top 3 Public Swimming Pools in Paris

The Summer of 2017 has seen some record breaking temperatures in France and especially in Paris. And it has increased the crowds in public places and even hotels where there are swimming facilities. Let’s take a look at the most common and economical public swimming pools  in Paris where you can spend and relax and. Are the most out of your weekend.

1.) Piscine Josephine Baker – Port de la Gare, Quai François Maurias, 75013, Paris 

Overlooking the Bibliothèque François Mitterand, the Piscine Josephine Baker is one the most beautiful and popular amongst the Parisian people. Situated along the Seine river it is a open and floating swimming pool with the perfect views from the vicinity.

Hours – 10am – 11pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

9am – 8pm Rest days

Price – 5€, for every extra hour 2.50€

Piscine Josephine Baker

2.) Butte Aux Cailles – 5, Place Paul Verlaine, 75013, Paris

Built back in 1924 the Butte Aux Cailles located in the south of Paris, and is a huge public pool. It is mostly known for its grand architecture and huge number of concrete arches.

Hours – 10am – 8pm Everyday

10am – 6pm Sunday.

Price – 3€ (adults)/1.70€(children)

Butte Aux Cailles

3.) Piscine Keller – 14, Rue de l’Ingenieur Robert Keller, 75015, Paris 

The PiscineKeller public swimming pool is probably the longest one in Paris which stretches 50m long and has a open roof top as well where people can sunbath perfectly while enjoying in the water.

Hours – 10am – 10pm Monday – Friday

7am – 7pm Saturday and Sunday

Price – 3€ (adults)/1.70€ (children)

Piscine Keller

Thus these were my top recommendations for public swimming pools in Paris where you can enjoy thoroughly for the whole of your summer at reasonable rates. So what are you waiting for, take your swimsuits,beach bags and sunglasses out and be ready to take the plunge.

By Deblina Das

Photos –

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