What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Ding Dong, the church bells are ringing. It’s wedding season again! You’ve been invited to yet another wedding and you have not a clue about what to wear. Don’t fret, we are here to be your wedding style gurus, help keep you on trend and catch the attention of that sexy groomsman.

  1. Floral Vibes

What could be more summery than flowers? Get to that wedding feeling fresh in a cute floral dress. Whether long or short is your style, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Ted Baker is a fabulous go-to, but if not, find this long flowy dress from Majorelle here.


2. Show Off Some Flesh with Mesh

We recently talked to you about how in style mesh is and how to wear it, so why not hop on the mesh train for that wedding. You’ll blow everyone away in one of these cute, embroidered mesh dresses from ASOS. Or go for a full on mesh fishtail in this sexy, blue piece from Lipsy.


3. Statement Shoes

If you’re planning on going with a simple dress, why not opt for a shoe that sends a message. Perhaps a patterned shoe, or something with a design on the heel. These embellished ones from ASOS would look cool at a funky wedding. Or perhaps just go for a bold red shoe that’s not too high so you can dance the night away!


Have a fab time at all the weddings and whatever you wear we are sure you’ll look great! Maybe next time, it’ll be your wedding 😉

Prema x

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