Face Skin Safety Tips

Sun and warm weather can be your worst enemy when it comes to dark pores, dehydration and sun damage on your face. Fear no more! Get the perfect sexy wet glow face, unblock pores and protect your skin by following these few steps and applying these products:

  1. Lush Ocean Salt, Face and Body Scrub

Achieve the helthy radiant skin you’ve always wanted for summer and control dark pores by using a face scrub at least twice a week.


2. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash

Wash your face every day using a facewash that is gentle, oil-free and that will really take dirt out of your face.


3. Rehydrate!!!

If you intensify your water intake you will start noticing a big difference in your skin’s appearance. Your skin is the body’s biggest organ and everything that you can see on the outside comes from the inside. So, don’t forget to get that H20 in your system.


4. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Moisturizer UV SPF 30

Sunscreen!! Change your daily moisturiser for one that has some spf protection. Keep your skin damage-free and make your summer face glow like never before.


Follow these four steps and you’ll have the perfect no makeup healthy skin face!! For more, check out our recent post “Tricks to Survive the Summer”.

By Daniela Sanchez

All original pictures provided from Google Images.

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