3 French designers that you should know

Paris is well known for its connection with art. Therefore is one of the cities with more designers based. In this post, you are going to discover 3 of the designers that are based in Paris and that on trend currently. This time we chose different fields to let you discover the amusement of the French style. We are going to start with fashion then graphic and to conclude some interior design.

  1. Jacquemus : The new preppy French kid


Simon Porte Jacquemus has been the newest discovery in fashion for the last 2 years on the French scene. Under the cape of the biggest LVHM kings, his designs have flown all over Europe. Besides being a pretty boy, his designs are based on their life growing up in the south of France. He launched his brand in 2009, the name came from her mother that passed away. His brand has strong connotations about family and tradition. Award by LVMH Prize twice and  present on Paris Fashion Week, we are sure we are going to see him soon as the same level as his French collègues.

2. Tiffany Cooper: Graphic French fashion humor


Graphic designers are the creative minds behind all that you normally see. Tiffany Cooper is one graphic designer that has work in fashion for several years and that accomplish her dream job being a graphic fashion designer for her idol Karl Lagerfeld. You can see all of her work in the best concept stores in Europe and America. She has been working with Colette Paris for a long time. All of her characters are related with fashion and her she has many graphic novels based on the life of the best fashion designers.

3. India Mahdavi: The best French interior design made by an Iranian


As we told you before this post features also a Paris-based interior design that represents the best french style despite her nationality. Raised by a Persian father and Egyptian-English mother, she lived in Iran for a half of her life and then spent the rest of her childhood traveling with her parents, living in the America, Germany, and France. This culturally diverse lifestyle is reflected in her inspired, eclectic designs, which range from homes, hotels, and commercial spaces to airplane interiors and furniture. Her style for her is really French relate, she has been in charge of the decoration of Ladurée all around the world besides other French boutiques. Her clients are mostly in France or passionate about France.


We hope to have taught you some new names to follow!


By Paula R Sierra

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