Opinion piece: Questionable 2017 Trends

I’m not much of a trends woman. There will be certain small trends that I find really interesting, for example, choker necklaces because they remind me of my 90’s childhood, but typically… trends aren’t my thing.

Yet every year, I find myself scrolling through my news feed on Instagram and Facebook, questioning the meaning of life as trendsetters in the fashion and lifestyle industries take part in revolutionalizing the weird and impractical. Below are just some examples:

1. Feather Eyebrows

Why are you trying to resemble feathers on your eyebrows? It looks like your eyebrows slept for a century and work up with weird bedhead.


Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 19.13.56
Why this has 50,000 likes is beyond me!



2.”Lollipop” Lipstick

More like “I just woke up and realized I made out with a guy at the club the entire night” Lipstick. #latenightregets Also, I don’t suck my lollipops like this. Who named this trend?





If you’ve ever wanted to walk barefoot on the street but were too afraid of getting some type of disease or getting glass stuck in your foot, 2017 has granted you your wishes. Nakefit lets you walk barefoot without having to worry about your sensitive feet. It’s just an adhesive that sticks to the sole of your foot and magically makes your cavemen/women dreams come true…

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 19.24.19
I can’t…


4.Unicorn Everything 

This trend doesn’t have me cringing. In fact, I find it really fun. But IT. IS. EVERYWHERE!!! Beauty trends, I may understand, but even in foods like your beverages is too excessive for me.  Just looking at Unicorn inspired food photos gives me diabetes.


Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 19.46.09
Oh, you looked at this photo? You have diabetes now.


By Ehryl

Images via InstagramStyleCaster, Huffington Post


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