With a line around the corner and countless articles written by every major fashion magazine, the Musee Yves Saint Laurent was sure to live up to the hype. A new fashion museum celebrating the life and work of one of the most iconic designers of the 20th century in his hometown – and the center of fashion itself – Paris.


Yves Saint Laurent created one of the most iconic brands to come out the 1960’s. When I heard about the opening of the new Musee Yves Saint Laurent, I put it at the top of the list of fashion museums to attend on my arrival in Paris. While I’ve been to fashion exhibitions in the past (like the Met’s Costume Exhibition), I’ve never attended a solely-fashion dedicated fashion museum. I had no expectations except to be completely immersed all things YSL – and that I was.

If you’re expecting the typical museum with never-ending rooms, rows and rows of dresses, short video clips and an even larger gift shop, you’ve come to the wrong place.



Instead, you’re in a rather intimate, quintessentially Parisian maison. Only two rooms are dedicated to iconic pieces designed by YSL, with a third room that shows designers at work providing insight into the creative process and two rooms dedicated to films dedicated to the history of Yves and his partner Pierre Bergé. YSL sketches scatter the entire museum and are the highlight of the entire museum.

While the museum may be petit, it packs a punch. You truly come to understand the minds that created a brand that changed the fashion landscape the way that could’ve been created by the love of two madmen. But…

« C’est peut-être cela l’amour fou. L’amour de deux fous. »Pierre Bergé


Photos credit : Vince CALVI
Quote source : “Lettre à Yves” – Pierre BERGE – Gallimard

Author: Vince Calvi

MBA Candidate, Global Fashion Media at IFA Paris

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