Rick Owens often uses his runways to bewilder and shock his guests with dance performances, experimental art and displaying artists in intimate poses. Accompanied by an unsettling music, his shows trigger emotions that we experience in no other show. The sets not only display a new collection but the designer’s vision and passion for what he cares for.

For his 2018 Spring/Summer collection at Palais de Tokyo, Owens delivered a message of hope for a brighter future.

At the beginning of the show, each guest was given and urged to wear a poncho, in which most of the guests complied. As the show went on, the crowd realized the use of the poncho as the water jets started to soar surrounded by goddess sculptures. Owen’s wife and her band called Lavascar played one of their latest album’s track which was somehow odd as evil laughs resounded from the music. “It was very joyful, it was giddy and infectious”, said Rick Owens after the show about the music.

Owens is known for giving a spiritual and intellectual meaning throughout his collections as the designer has been concerned about environmental issues and the fate of mankind.

The collection displayed during the show addressed its message with an array of different looks, from white asymmetrical to green dresses. Many critics referred to the models wearing fanny packs as refugees carrying their hopes and burdens. A marsupial-like pouch was a clear hint to fertility of both women and mother nature.

According to Owens, the collection was not conveying any allusion to climate refugees, but rather to “seeds” to sow the Earth with hope for a better future.

Kévin Harrak




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