Last year on the blog, we wrote about the “See Now, Buy Now” model in fashion, it’s an appropriate time to take stock and see how the concept was implemented and received by the market. 
Burberry, SEE NOW, BUY NOW’s precursor, remains faithful to this new model and even if the impact on sales hasn’t been communicated, the brand attests to its success. So does Tommy Hilfiger, boasting a double-digit growth. 
Bigger “maisons” like Chanel or Dior are staying refractory and holds firm that the concept is not consistent with their idea of fashion. For the designers, the essence of collections is also based on the waiting and the desire cultivated by the usual calendar, one that has been in use for decades.
But the SNBN concept creates other issues: to respond to immediacy, brands have to be prepared and production deadlines or availabilities for sales must be adapted. 
Tom Ford renounced to it and explained that they lost one month of sales because the shop distribution could not keep up with the fashion show calendar.
Obviously, this model demands of the brands to have an adapted logistics, a speedy distributing network, and a high level of reactivity (production, communication, marketing) but still the fashion industry calendar has to be uniform and consistent. 
Designer Thakoon Panichgul explains: “We have recognized that the business model is ahead of the current retail environment.” And it’s probably the key. If SNBN is ever going to push through the entire fashion industry, then all of its actors have to be a part of it. It cannot be done half-way. Maybe the fashion world is not (yet) ready for such a big change… 
Chloé Blain
Photos credit: Digital Agency Network, Business of Fashion


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