Like every season, fashion weeks are all about designers, concepts, bloggers, journalists, front row celebrities, their glamorous street styles and appearances and of course the “Collection”. On September 28th, I got an opportunity to work backstage for the INGIE show in Paris. Well, “what you don’t see backstage is what really controls the show“. This quote was on my mind the whole time and in the midst of all the drama and chaos backstage, I realized that the one thing that people paid the most attention to was the runway models.

And one of my favorite and most enthusiastic models on that day was Helena Vie from Brazil. We both had one thing in common – it was our first time at the Paris fashion week. Our chit-chat turned into a small interview session and her answers made me realize how completely opposite she was from the perception of models that has been created by the world today. Her simplicity is reflected in her answers :

1. Which is your most memorable show? It is my first time in Paris. The shows I am a part of here are my favorite.

2. What is your favorite outfit till now? My outfit at the Aaltos show yesterday.


3. What is your favorite city to walk the ramp? Paris.

4. Three things you love about modeling: The walk, the makeup, and the outfits.

5. What do you do before you go on stage? One thing I never do is stay empty stomach, so I eat!

Just like Helena, models today are conscious of what they eat, how they present themselves in front of the media, the designers they are walking for and the way they are supposed to carry themselves on the runway. With Instagram being the most important way to communicate, you can follow Helena and her journey through the links below.

Prea Vani Varma 
Photos credit: Prea Vani Varma – Metropolitan models
Instagram- @HELENAVIE_


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