Instead of going to Paris Fashion Show, chasing fashion icons or snapping celebrities, I immersed myself in the not-so-splendid tiny fitting room, making coffee, doing all the trivial stuff and most importantly: dressing up the models. By doing this way, I can secretly but more closely peek inside how the fashion business gets its source of income – after all, this is the core of fashion industry.

Mary Katrantzou - 1

Mary Katrantzou‘s main inspiration for SS 18 comes from childhood memories. Lego, paint-by-number books, Spirograph, and balloons, which mark this collection, are the games and toys the designer used to play with when she was a little girl in Athens. Thus the outfits are extremely colorful and vibrant and therefore I was wondering how the buyers from all over the world would react to these not-so-low-key items.

Mary Katrantzou - 2

The Japanese are never afraid of playing with daring accessories to lift up OOTD. Not surprisingly, they were obsessed over these colorful water wings like animal bags.

The fashion voice of Middle East – Deena Aljuhani was deeply in love with this exotic embroidery dress, which according to this fashion influencer, is the wonderful piece for party – showing your sexiness in a decent way.

Mary Katrantzou - 3

However, you can’t expect every buyer to go crazy over this extravagant collection. Most of fashion purchasers still included something down to earth to ensure their sales.

All in all, fashion industry is not all about creativity or business. Designers need talents and creativity to attract the media and keep a part of their work “normal” enough to be accepted by the businessman.


Tiffany  T.
Photos credit: Tiffany T.

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