BoF China Summit 2017

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On 11th October 2017, before the Shanghai fashion week took to runway, the Business of Fashion (BoF) celebrated its third anniversary of BoF China with “BoF China Summit” also known as Lundao, meaning to discover the essentials through dialogue. This event was hosted in the Fosun Foundation in the heart of Bund with top entrepreneurs and executives from the fashion, tech and media industries. Some of the key speakers were – Thomson Cheng, vice chairman, MyMM, Michael Beutler, director of sustainability operations, Xia Ding, president of JD Fashion and, Andrew Robb, chief operating officer, Farfetch, Liang Chao, founder and CEO, Yoho! Paul Fang founder of Lifestyle management company, Suntchi and many more.

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Imran Amed – founder and CEO of BoF, hosted the discussions and debates on the future of fashion from a global perspective. Before the summit, he stated: “China’s impact on the global fashion industry is simply unparalleled”. The main idea behind the summit was to create a platform of substance bringing inspiring minds together with a distinctively collaborative style and a voice of authority. The summit began with Xia Ding introducing and three major concerns for brands going online. Andrew Robb followed discussing the difference between luxury and mass production and making sure the right level of service is delivered to customers. Liang Chao and Thomson Cheng describing how the industry is now being run by the young generation, while Fang was describing how Chinese brands use business logic to develop their marketing plan and identifying opportunities. The summit culminated with Beutler suggesting some practices that can be followed to make an impact on sustainability in the future.

Vani Varma


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