Everyone loves Sundays. A day of rest for most, but for me and one of my best friends it’s a day to be basic and have a photo shoot.

My best friend Isabelle and I have lived in three cities together: Boston, New York City and now Paris. While continents may have shifted, we’ve still been able to find ourselves enamored with each city as we stroll through the streets, camera and iPhone at the ready.

Now Paris is different than the other two cities Isabelle and I have lived in. Other than the obvious thoughts like France vs USA and French vs English, the biggest differences are history and aesthetics. Wherever Isabelle and I decide to attempt to take the perfect Instagram, we’re engulfed in millennia of history as perpetuated by the architecture, art, music, and people around us.

Paris is a special place. Notably one of the most famous and important cities in our entire world, it’s hard to not feel an extra level of thankfulness to walk down the ancient streets and be able to call those streets your home.

Now the Sunday you’ll see in question, it was a perfect day in October. Warm weather, clear skies and good vibes. We went rive gauche and the highlight of our day was tea at the Grand Mosquée de Paris and the Jardin du Luxembourg.

If you’re in Paris and haven’t taken the time to explore and celebrate the city you’re in, I suggest you hurry before the weather no longer permits you do so, you won’t regret it!


Author: Vince Calvi

MBA Candidate, Global Fashion Media at IFA Paris

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