A few weeks ago, as I was searching for new music, artists, and inspirations when I discovered an artist called Morgan Saint. I was immediately intrigued by her look and hairstyle. In Milk Magazine, her photo was grainy perhaps taken in the American desert and her look appeared very edgy. She had an 80’s mullet hair as well as her very dark hair that complemented her pale skin – a one-of-a-kind appearance that caught my attention prior to my interest in her music.

Morgan Saint is a 23-year-old musician from Mattituck in Long Island, NY where she studied visual art at Parsons. The school had a tremendous impact on her career as it helped her to develop artistic skills in the fields of writing poems, photography and in order “to open her mind”, as the artist explained in an interview published by Milk Magazine. She confessed to being a very vulnerable person which can be felt in her newest EP  “17Hero”.  Artsy and edgy folks will definitely appreciate this dreamy electronic sound making it a fresh and cool debut.

Saint’s EP “17hero” conveys various themes all along the five tracks. Each song reveals a different aspect of her personality showcasing her inner-self, her deepest feelings and a little bit of her sensitivity whether it be positive or negative. The artist embraces her sensitivity which can be felt through her songs as she wants us to understand the ongoing process of her personal change from her teenage years in high school to being a young adult.

Having said that, I must say that I am really glad to have found and listened to this new artist from NY and hope she will achieve more work like “17hero” down-the-line in keeping with her artistic ethics.

Kevin Harrak

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