The Swedish fast-fashion label’s new holiday campaign is ready to star Nicki Minaj this season. In it we can see the queen rapper wearing the latest clothing & accessories from H&M’s fall collection.

Meta Gala Awards 2017
“I have a special collaboration coming out with H&M this fall and so they are dressing me for the night and they nailed it,” Minaj stated.

The holiday campaign with H&M comes with no surprise as the rapper made an announcement at this year’s Met Gala that she had a special collaboration with H&M. She was also spotted with a glamorous cascade black and red dress from the label that grabbed attention of many.

Nicki Minaj Instagram
Nicki Minaj Instagram Post

Minaj posted the photo from the campaign on Instagram, with a caption, “All new @hm Holiday Campaign shot in Scotland. Stay tuned.”

H&M Presents Nicki Minaj

The holiday film focuses on the little girl tracking down the evil brother of Santa Claus in order to save the holidays. Nicki Minaj basically plays both the roles of the mother of the little girl and a fairy named Wisest Thingy. She is also joined by Jesse William as the father and the supernatural fairy.You can also spot John Turturro staring as a double as Santa and his evil brother.


Pernilla Wahlfaehrt, head and creative director at H&M said: “It’s exciting to see our festive designs come to life together with such inspirational talents (…) They definitely added some extra magic to the film and we hope that our customers will love how the fashion is presented throughout the holiday season at H&M.”

The collection displayed in the campaign will be available in stores and online at during the Holiday campaign period, which starts November 9.

Make sure to watch the teaser below:


The full version of the holiday film will go live on November 28, helmed by directed Johan Renck.

Enjoy the most exciting Holiday season!

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