I Amsterdam!


On a beautiful sunny day cycling in the city of Amsterdam, I arrived at the heart of the town where I discovered my first Ï Amsterdam” behind the Rijksmuseum. While my friends sat around in the “coffee shops” I decided to traverse this city differently and with a Ÿou are boring” comment I landed up in the most interesting location  – the Stedelijk Museum.

Being a fashion student and an art lover in Europe has many perks –anywhere you go is Disneyland! The exhibition that is at the Stedelijk museum untill the end of this month is a tribute to the magazine De Stijl, which was first published in 1917. Celebrating its 100 years with modern artists like Isa Genzken, Martial Rayesse , Bas Jan Ader, Michiel Shuurman, the iconic Lichtenstein and Piet Mondrian helps examine different facets such as the use of color, the diagonal purity, architecture etc. An artist who I was inspired by was Michiel Shurman, who had worked for the Textile designer – Vlisco, a Helmond based company that is responsible for the production of African wax fabrics. His bold and distinctive designs stand out and each fabric produced has a special meaning. For a young designer or brand, such art pieces are an inspiration as these can be used to introduce new designs and make an iconic statement exactly how Yves Saint Laurent used the Mondrian collection in 1965.




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