2017’s Must Watch Fashion Documentaries

Fashion documentaries bring to light what the audience does not see in the runway shows, on the covers of magazines, or in social media. Whether it be the good, the bad, or everything in between, these tales are worth watching. So here’s a roundup of three films released in the past year.

House of Z

House of Z is an inside look at Zac Posen’s tumultuous journey in the fashion industry. He garnered wide success at such an early age which also became his Achilles heel. The man behind the brand was overwhelmed with the fame and fortune that came with being an A-list fashion designer. But once you go up, there’s nowhere else but down. House of Z will definitely teach you a thing or two about humility. Catch this documentary exclusively at Vogue.com

Manolo: The Boy who made shoes for lizards

For a first time director, Michael Roberts took an incredible amount of responsibility in showcasing the story of a legend in the fashion industry: Manolo Blahnik. The creative direction of the film mirrored the personality of Manolo himself, someone playful and colorful. Unlike the other two on this list, this one celebrates the craftsmanship, dedication, and influence of Manolo on fashion. His thirst to create does not come from wanting fame or fortune but solely on producing art at its finest. The documentary was released in September 2017 and for any shoe enthusiast out there, it’s worth the time.

Inside Dior

Anyone who has been to Dior’s exceptional exhibition “Christian Dior: Couterier du Rêve” must watch this two-part documentary as part of their 70th year anniversary. This very much complements what we see at the Musée Des arts Decoratif, with the first episode dedicated to the preparations for their anniversary and the second for their runway show. At the same time, this also introduces us to the work of Maria Grazia Chiuri, the latest Artistic Director of the fashion house.

Author: Ayumi Rollan

Born and Raised in Manila but Paris Based

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