Fashion MBA Profs Share Their Advice To Students

As a fashion blog run by fashion master’s students, it is our job to not only bring to you current fashion news and trends, but also to give you an insight to what it’s like going to a fashion school.

This week, I met with two of our professors, Agustina Cattaneo and Tassos Sofroniou to get their opinions and advice about the fashion industry. It is a chance for us to get an insight in order to have a clearer idea of how to approach any field of this realm.


Agustina is from Argentina, and she worked as an accountant prior to embracing a career in the fashion industry, as she realized that accounting was not her passion. She studied fashion at the Parsons School, in New York and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Agus, as she likes to be nicknamed, established her own brand knowing that her skills as a fashion designer and an accountant would be a great asset. Agus also contributed to Harper’s Bazaar writing about future international fashion trends. At the present time, Agus, is a lecturer at Istituto Marangoni and IFA Paris.


Tassos is Greek by ethnicity but he was born in Germany. He has been working in the fashion industry since the age of 14. At 25, he moved to London after a prolific career as a fashion director. Thereafter, he returned to Greece to learn more about photography and fashion design and eventually launched his own brand, Conquistador.


According to Agus and Tassos, the best advice they can give us is to be passionate about what we’ll do in the future. If we, students, want to work in the fashion industry because it is somehow cool and highly regarded nowadays, we’re going to end up disappointed. Curiosity is also the hallmark of working – whether in a fashion house, or for other facets of the fashion industry. Both professors advised: “Be interested in photography, make-up, styling, [and] the history of fashion”. Agus also stated the fact that “many IFA students have in mind to become art director right after graduating”, which is utterly impossible. She also told me that our generation needed to learn patience and move forward step by step in order to achieve our goals.

What we need to remember from these interviews is passion. Be passionate, open minded, and curious in order to be happy in what you do!


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