Hermès À tire-d’Aile – Les Mondes de Leïla Menchari

What a way to celebrate the visionary work of Leïla Menchari than showcasing her displays at the Grand Palais. For 35 years, the Tunisian native created window displays that exuded the luxurious lifestyle of fashion house Hermès. A total of eight installments were re-created, each of which proved to be exquisite and a fine class of its own. Most of the room was lit in burnt-orange hues to mirror that of the brands signature color. For a while, you’ll forget that you’re in Grand Palais and just immerse in the world of Hermès.


Menchari stems inspiration from anything and everything. How she interprets these in window displays is quite surreal – magic to the eyes. It’s no surprise that her imagination runs wild. Among the eight, you’ll see a unicorn dreamy theme, to an African adventure, a Victorian realm and even as simple as an ice-glacier which she made look as sophisticated as ever.


Hermes definitely took advantage of her creative genius, most of the bags seen on display are not for sale but rather created to complement her installations. Something you don’t commonly see with other brands.

This exposition flew under the radar in my opinion especially opposite to the other expositions of luxury fashion houses currently on display today. Yet this sits on one of my top must-see lists and made cueing under freezing temperature definitely worth the wait.

Author: Ayumi Rollan

Born and Raised in Manila but Paris Based

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