It’s Christmas time! As many of our IFA students come from all over the world, they will probably spend these holidays in France. Of course Paris a magical place to discover the French Christmas but as my country is offering so many other beautiful places, here are my top 5 places to celebrate Christmas in France:

1. Le Touquet:


Two hours and a half from Paris, Le Touquet-Paris-Plage is one of the most beautiful beaches around the capital. During this period, all the city and its authentic architecture are illuminated while a Christmas Parade is going through it. You can walk around the streets discovering small shops or along the beach, drink home-made hot chocolate and have a dinner in a restaurant with a view of the sea. If you need fresh air and resourcing, this is definitely the city I recommend.

2. Strasbourg:


Well-known for its Christmas market, Strasbourg represents the Alsatian traditional Christmas: authentic, warm and generous. It shines equally for its touristic aspects and its amazing architecture. Between choir concerts, the visit of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame, hot wine and around 300 chalets, you will discover a new side of France.

3. Savoie, the “Small Canada”:


The region is offering an unforgettable experience in the midst of snowy mountains. You can sleep in real teepees, go on a snowshoe hike, enjoy a toboggan ride or even a sled dogs hike.

4. Avignon:


Christmas in Provence. Place de l’Horloge, place des Carmes et place Crillon are places where you will find exhibitors cottages with different gastronomic specialties, decorative items, and other gift ideas. Between “crèches” and Christmas figures, you can also visit L’Eglise des Célestins and try the famous “Treize desserts” another regional tradition.

5. Lyon:


This Christmas Market is one of the most inescapable in France. There are actually two markets: the bigger one is located in Place Carnot with more than 150 exhibitors and the second one La Croix Rousse is proposing entertainments and a real farm. In the gastronomic capital, you will be able to enjoy tasty tartiflette or Aligot à la Truffe. The city of Lights is always a beautiful place to discover for its streets and its history on the banks of the Saône and the Rhône.

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