2017 Winter Taipei Street Fashion Style

Since the rise of K-pop and K-beauty, Northeast Asian fashion is again under the spotlight. Highly impacted by both Japanese culture and Korean mass media, Taiwanese young generation has developed their own unique fashion style, which is very different from the western style. Outfits seen in Taiwanese street might not be as bold as its influencers, but styling fashion elements in more practical way definitely is what the Taiwanese fashion lover excels at.

Let’s take a look at the street snaps in Taiwan this winter

All the photos were taken in Taipei East District, where fashion lovers and young people like to go shopping and hanging around.


Matching outfits are not only for couples! And boyish outfits pair with girly makeup (pigmented blush and lip colours) is one of Asian women’s fashion tips!


The detail lies in how this petite girl matches the red socks with flat leather brogues.


Simply in love with this frivolous look! Check the shirt and the tracksuit pants – you might think “Are you kidding me? How can he so nonchalantely style himself in blue cap+clothes+ bag+trainers?” Trust me, he did this consciously.



That Asian girls are comparatively short is a well-known fact. These two girls just prove that petite girls can still rock the knee-length skirts and flats.




Unlike the minimalistic trend in Paris, Taiwanese girls love “layering”. No matter is the multi-layer bottoms or adding a fishnet inside the tops, playing with details is our hobby when it comes to  styling.


When it comes to winter outfits, an edgy non-ordinary trench coat can easily elevate your style to another level.


The big accessory trend this winter is definitely what you put on top! Since beret make a big come-back this winter, it is a nice and wise choice if you want to look trendy on the street.

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